jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

Out of place.

I'm so fucking tired of watching something and not being able to change it. She's so fucking alone and they're having fun. Well, I though you guys were her friends.
'Cause real friends would't leave her on her own. Oh....you aren't doing it? Well then why isn't she in any of your pictures, huh?. She was scared. She only did what she though right. Even if that included leave friends behind. And you are just forgetting her.
I wish I could do somethig for her. Just help her. But I know I can't. She wouldn't listen.
She is blind. She can't see the truth. This is hurting me.
Watching my ex friend being treated like nothing. I guess that's what real friends do. Feel the pain of their friends. I guess...I still have something of our friendship inside me.
I just can't leave it all behind. It hurts when she's out of place.

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