viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Duet with myself.

I'm insufferable, my acne's terrible. My sunny dispossession is completely unbearable. And worst of all, I've got no friends, they're just on the internet.
I'm a waste of space, I've got no life, got a mole on my face, I should take a knife to my head, and do it before somebody else do it instead.
In fact I'm way too easy to hate. What 15 year old can't get a date? I guess it's fate, that I'll never find a soul mate. I'm going to die alone, on my own, making crappy posts.
But when I feel I'm being hated, feeling lonely in December, facing hardships that I can't bare. I'll help me come through the other side, I build up my confidence, and raise my pride.
There's nothing that I can't face.

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