miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

Kiss you off.

You say you see what's under me, that the gloss has washed away. But you're the one whose colour's gone from love to dirty grey.
Questions come alive in the middle of the day, over and over again.
Watch me start a fire in the middle of your shade that's why I'm telling you I'm gonna kiss you off my lips.
I don't need another tube of that dime store lipstick, well I think I'm gonna buy me a brand new shade of man.
Kiss you off my lips It's standing room only for a piece of my pigment so excuse me a minute while I supply demand. Kiss you off these lips of mine, kiss you off for a custom shine, pissed yours truly off this time. It's why I ain't just kissin' you I'm kissin' you off.
Spare this child your sideways smile that crack in your veneer, some blue broad will spoil your rod. It just takes patience dear, they rush you for your life. But you'll never beat the game, older and older you get, crush you like a gyre but the gimble's all the same. Oh no, I think it's happening.
Pissed yours truly off this time, It's why I ain't just kissin' you I'm kissin' you off.

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