viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Can’t take these stupid Muggles but despite all of my struggles, I’m still alive.

Me niego a pensar que soy una muggle. Dobby robó mi carta de Hogwarts, esa sería la explicación más coherente.
Psss...les recomiendo mirar en YouTube "A very Potter Musical".

I’m sick of summer and this waiting around. Man, it’s September, and I’m skipping this town. Hey It’s no mystery, there’s nothing here for me now.
I gotta get back to Hogwarts, I gotta get back to school. Gotta get myself to Hogwarts, where everybody knows I'm cool.
Back to wizards and witches, and magical beasts, to goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts. It’s all that I love, and it's all that I need. Hogwarts.
I'll see my friends, gonna laugh 'til we cry. Take my Firebolt, gonna take to the sky. NO WAY this year anyone's gonna die, and it's gonna be totally awesome!
I'll cast some spells, with a flick of my wand, defeat the dark arts, yeah, bring it on! And do it all with my best friend So, 'cuz together we're totally awesome.

It's been so long, but we're going back
Don’'t go for work, don't go there for class, as long as were together gonna kick some ass. And it’s gonna be totally awesome!
This year you bet I’m gonna get outta here. The reign of Lucila is drawing near. I’ll have the greatest wizard career, and its gonna be totally awesome.
Look out world, for the dawn of the day. When everyone will do whatever I say.
And that those bitches won't be in my way, and then I’ll be the one who is totally awesome!
Who knows how fast this years gonna go? Hand me a glass, let the butterbeer flow.
We’re back to learn everything that we can, It’s great to come back to where we began.
Back to spells and enchantments, potions and friends. To Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, Slytherins! Back to the place where our story begins, It’s Hogwarts.


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