jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011

Would you destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful?

Sing it out, boy you've got to see what tomorrow brings. Sing it out, girl you've got to be what tomorrow needs.
For every time that they want to count you out, use your voice every single time you open up your mouth.
Sing it out, boy they're gonna sell what tomorrow means. Sing it out, girl before they kill what tomorrow brings.
You've got to make a choice if the music drowns you out, raise your voice every single time they try and shut your mouth.
Cleaned up, corporation progress, dying in the process. Children that can talk about it, living on the webways, people moving sideways, sell it till your last days.
Buy yourself the motivation, generation nothing, nothing but a dead scene. Product of a white dream.
I am not the singer that you wanted, but a dancer I refuse to answer, talk about the past, sir. Wrote it for the ones who want to get away.
Keep running.
Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls, every time that you lose it sing it for the world. Sing it from the heart, sing it till you're nuts. Sing it out for the ones that'll hate your guts.
Sing it for the deaf, sing it for the blind. Sing about everyone that you left behind. Sing it for the world.

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