lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

4 Real.

If I show you, get to know you, if I hold you just for today I’m not gonna wanna let go, I’m not gonna wanna go home. Tell me you feel the same.
And I just wanted you to know I don’t wanna look back 'cause I know that we have something the past could never change. And I’m stuck in the moment, and my heart is open. Tell me that you feel the same.
Hold me down, hold me now. I’m safe, I’m sound when you’re around.
‘Cause I’m for real, are you for real? I can’t help myself, It’s the way I feel. 
When you look me in the eyes like you did last night, I can’t stand to hear you say goodbye. Well, it feels so right ‘cause it feels so right just to have you standing by my side.
So don’t let me go 'cause you have my soul and I just wanted you to know.

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