lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Doctor what?

My friend thinks that I'm a nutter, my parents say that I'm an utter fool for wasting my time on this. But I'm not chasing my imagination I just can't help avoid my fixation, 'cause I know that he really exists.
But if you look through time than you will find so many artifacts have been signed with clues all pointing his way, and though he may have different faces I think its him in all the cases.
The man is an enigma who knows there he is today.
Just have a look at what I've found and see, am I going crazy or is he following me? You can find his legacy sketched throughout, though the history books aways tend to leave him out.
He takes danger with him everywhere he goes so if he does show up then we'll know that's that somethings not right.
But I just can't help to think I would make a good companion by his side, I'm pretty bright, aways polite, oh Doctor, take me up tonight!
I know that I should get a grip, but I need to see inside his ship, and have him take me everywhere he's gone. Or at least I'd like to meet the guy, to shake his hand then say goodbye and thank him for all he's done.
You can't deny that aliens must be real. Well, is it that hard to believe that some look like us? Well, I know its just all speculation but I feel I must try to trust him what I feel.

I know that i must seem like some kind of neanderthal while your a flying cosmic genius and know it all. I'm just an insect, there's nothing I can do. How could I expect that I would ever meet you?!

He's called the Doctor. But Doctor what? I think he's a martian though I know that that's a longshot.
Doctor. But Doctor when? I'll check back to prehistoric times and there he is again.
Well, that's the Doctor. But Doctor how? He saves the planet all the time but never stops to bow.
Oh Mr. Doctor. But Doctor Who? And most importantly Doctor, how can I find you?

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