domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Melody for Melody. (Or somebody else on my case...)

I feel I shouldn’t need to tell you that just ’cause you can do what you want It doesn’t mean that you should. And just because the law tells us we’re grown ups now It doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to act without thinking harder first.
And I’m not saying I’m better than you, in so many ways you are superior to me. No, I’m just saying that I’m learning from you and learning from your mistakes saves them from happening to me.
All I want is to be honest with you and say that just because I’m not involved doesn’t mean I’m not affected. I tend to stay out, but I can’t help but rue because I know you’ve got your head on and it’s just not what I expected. And I would give up my sight to know love like the love you have at home.

I know you’re smart at least to make up nice and quickly but I’m unsure about what’s really going on in 45D. I’ll just sit back and relax, I’ll try to sleep, and ponder every word you might be saying and decide if I agree with the points about love, that you’re making in my head.
Should I judge you, or use it to analyse myself instead? Are you even talking about what I’ve guessed or should I plug myself back in and try and get some rest?
All I try is to be honest with you, I’ll say that you’re a friend and without us there’d be a lot less here of me. But I’m unsure if we share the same view, I’ve told you what I’m thinking but you’re yet to tell me if we agree.
And all I want is a boy who will love me, like she loves you.
This is my melody for Melody. I’d already forgiven you completely. Please don’t regret what you did today.
This is my melody for melody, thanks for awkwardly hugging me so sweetly and thanks for making my holiday.

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