domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Kiss that grrrl.

That girl is giving you the eye and I don't like it how she makes you laugh so much. How when you're talking, that you touch.
She's instantly more pretty and more interesting than me, she is thinking before she speaks, she is not all red and angry.
I bet she doesn't like to eat, I bet her feet don't even stink! I know your eyes are just for me but kiss that grrrl and I will shrink up and I will die and I will think up 1000 ways that I can hurt you and you will never touch my hand.
Tonight we have not got on well, I know I have given you hell, I wish we should have stayed at home 'cause now I'm standing on my own. And you are having a nice time with a girl I really don't like.

Please don't break my heart 'cause you are the only one I love. I'll be by your side 'till the very end.

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