lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

Who's laughing now?

Mummy, they call me names. They wouldn't let me play. I run home, sit and cry almost everyday. "Hey Jessica, you look like an alien with green skin, you look fit in this play then".
Oh, they pull my hair, they took away my chair, I kept it in and pretend that I didn't care. "Hey Jessica, you're so funny. You've got teeth just like Buggs Bunny".
'Cause I'm in L.A. you think I made my fame. As if it makes us friends. When the only think they know is my name.
"Jessie, we knew you could make it. I've got a track and I'd love you to take it". So now because I'm signed, you think my luck is fine. Four years now and I'm still waiting in the line. "Jessie, I saw you on youtube, I tagged all photos from when we were at school!"
So, you think you know me now. Have you forgotten how you would make me feel when you dragged my spirit down? But thank you for the pain, it made me raise my game. And I'm still rising.
"Jessie, she broke out of the box, swear to god, now she's got the ego *cough*" Let the haters hate. You like way too late.
Good to see, I got a message from you. "Hola! I'm proud of you! Oh my god babe, your voice is like wow!" My reply? 'Who's laughing now?'.
So, make your jokes, go for broke, blow your smoke, you're not alone. But who's laughing now?
So raise the bar, here we are, play your cards, be a star. Who's laughing now?

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